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Introducing our redesigned, responsive website

Introducing our redesigned, responsive website

As a part of our ongoing efforts to improve customer experience at Angel & Walt Hosting, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our new website! The all new AngelWaltHosting.com boasts a number of features designed to improve the site’s overall usability, organization, speed, and clarity. Not only have we refined and modernized the content and design, but the new site also emphasizes our dedication to Customer Support.

Our site redesign was done with our customers in mind, with the goal to improve the overall experience when they visit the site and present to them an honest and transparent representation of Angel & Walt Hosting.
We’ve included a number of additional changes that improve the site’s usability – and make our customers’ lives easier. The inspiration for these changes is our number one priority – to add value to our clients, which starts the moment a customer visits our website. We want to ensure that all the information a customer is looking for is easily accessible and clearly explained.

With this redesign, we’ve made improvements to everything from the site navigation to the purchasing process, including:

Reorganized Website Navigation

Our revised site navigation puts all the most important pages right up front, and makes it easy for our customers to browse the site and quickly find what they need.

Speed & Efficiency

We know how valuable our customers’ time is, so we’ve enhanced the site to decrease our page load times, allowing customers to find exactly what they need in less time.

Simplified Ordering Process

We’ve eliminated unnecessary content and clutter from our shopping cart, making the ordering process even easier for customers.

Modern Website Design

Our new site design is clean and modern, eliminating distractions and allowing customers to focus on the important part of our website, the content.

Responsive Design

Our customers access our website from many different devices, so we made sure to create a responsive website that would not only look beautiful, but also function beautifully on all screen sizes and resolutions.

Updated Content and Support Centre

In addition to small content revisions throughout the site, we have also included a whole new support centre to help our customers further understand our products and get help when its needed.

Our new website is a reflection of our customers’ needs. Every new feature was designed with the goal of educating our customers and helping them purchase and set up their hosting environments even faster. Improving the customer experience is always our top priority and we’ll continue to find new ways, like our redesigned website, to go above and beyond in every way possible.


  1. John Buzz

    I am very happy by reading this post. The design looks very catchy.


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