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We’re sure you’ll agree that preparation is an essential first step for any project. Answering the questions below before we begin will help us anticipate your needs and prepare to help you better. If you prefer to discuss these questions together on the phone or via email, we can do that.

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Some frequently asked questions (and our answers)

How does your process work?

Our 4 step process when working with our clients

A typical design and digital marketing process works in 4 stages as follows:



1. Discovery

It all starts with research and analysis. We want to understand you, your business, your challenges and goals. We look into your competitors, research your target audience and review your current strategies, practices and content.

2. Proposal

We come up with a detailed evaluation of your business and processes. We propose solutions for maximum benefit and set the success criteria and goals for your project. We come up with a budget for your project and a time-frame for completion.

3. Delivery

We help you clarify your brand identity through a marketing strategy. We move to visual design and development and release a demo for live preview and testing. We launch and offer training and documentation on how to use the product or service.

4. Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support from our online Help Center through getting started guides, a knowledgebase and more than 500 video tutorials. Still can’t find what you are looking for? We also have ticket based support, live chat help, email and phone support

Are we the right agency for you?

If any of the following describes you we may not be the right agency for you.

  • You have no respect for designers.
  • We place a high emphasis on partnership, collaboration and mutual respect. If you are not able to have such a relationship with us then we are probably not the right fit for you.

  • You’ve put it off and now you need your project done as quickly as possible, like yesterday.
  • You can’t rush perfection they say. Quality takes time and a rush job will not yield the best results.

  • You’re not sure if you see the value in having a website for your business.
  • We are afraid that you won’t respect our time and effort, so let’s just not go down that road together.

  • You want a long list of features on your website but want to stick to your budget.
  • A website is an investment. You can’t invest just a little and expect to reap unlimited results. More features mean more investment.

  • You’d like a low price on the first project because you promise you’ll be bringing more work.
  • Ummm nope, we are not falling for that one again.

  • You are a very busy executive. So busy you don’t have time to approve our requests.
  • The work that we do requires both parties to stick to deadlines. We cannot proceed unless you supply us with information and approve/decline the work we have done. You can’t go cold for half a year and come back all of a sudden wanting it done today. Everything must be done according to plan.

  • You go by the rule that ‘contracts are meant to be broken’.
  • We are nice people and like sticking to promises. If you are the sort of person who takes their promise lightly then it just simply won’t work out. Let’s end this before it even starts.

Do we pay before or after the website is complete?

You pay before. In order for us to start working on your project we require at least a 50% deposit with balance due upon completion. This commitment on your part allows our designers and developers to work and dedicate their time to your project without wavering. Milestone payments can also be available for large projects but this is determined on a case by case basis.

What if we don't need a full service design & digital marketing campaign?

We understand that it’s not everyone who is going to require a full service design & digital marketing project. Because of that we work with you from whatever stage you are at.

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