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Web design in Zimbabwe

We build websites that help businesses grow

from simple websites, to online marketing platforms, ecommerce websites and complicated business automation systems.

Web design strategy for business growth

Our proven 4 step strategy for maximum impact:

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Stage 1: We build cornerstone websites.

We specialize in creating business websites as the cornerstone tools for online success. But it doesn’t end there. A nice fully functional website alone ain’t going to get people to visit your website.


Stage 2: We drive relevant traffic to your website.

Visitors are the secret to the success of any website. We help you attract visitors to your website. Our digital marketing services ensure that your brand reaches your target audience.


Stage 3: We convert traffic into leads and customers.

Once a website visitor arrives on your website, what next? You need to guide your visitors to the next stage. We call this conversion. We help you convert website visitors into qualified sales leads and ultimately paying customers.


Stage 4: We create compelling website content.

There’s no better way to prove to your audience that you are an expert in your field than proving it. We help you delight your audience with different forms of good quality content.

Our web design & digital marketing services in Harare.

We offer tailor-made web solutions that help businesses succeed online.

Here is what we have on offer:

Website Design & Development

Elegant professional websites to grow your business online 24/7.

Domain Registrations

Local and international domains all registered easily within 1 day.

Social Media Advertising

Targeted advertising on social media. Reach thousands of potential customers.

Web Hosting

Fast, reliable web hosting with excellent technical support and amazing uptime.

Paid Search Engine Advertising

Paid advertising on Google search engine. Appear on top of all search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Get found when people search for your services on Google and search engines.

Email Hosting

Professional business emails with a custom personalized company name.

Advertising Sites

Free and premium advertising. Register and start advertising your business today.

Copywriting & Content Creation

Content is key to website traffic. We create content that converts traffic to leads.

Our 4 step process when working with our clients

A typical web design and digital marketing process works in 4 stages as follows:


1. Discovery

It all starts with research and analysis. We want to understand you, your business, your challenges and goals. We look into your competitors, research your target audience and review your current strategies, practices and content.

2. Proposal

We come up with a detailed evaluation of your business and processes. We propose solutions for maximum benefit and set the success criteria and goals for your project. We come up with a budget for your project and a time-frame for completion.

3. Delivery

We help you clarify your brand identity through a marketing strategy. We move to visual design and development and release a demo for live preview and testing. We launch and offer training and documentation on how to use the product or service.

4. Ongoing Support

We provide ongoing support from our online Help Center through getting started guides, a knowledgebase and more than 500 video tutorials. Still can’t find what you are looking for? We also have ticket based support, live chat help, email and phone support

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Why choose Angel & Walt Hosting?

We bring results!

We bring tangible, measurable results that bring a return on your investment. If we cannot guarantee results, we will not take the business opportunity.

We are experts & professionals. 

We are professionally trained experts in our field with practical experience in our line of work.

Solid and reliable service. 

We have earned the right to be trusted by consistently offering reliable products and service with great support.

Multiple Payment Methods for your Convenience

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