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Refund & Cancellation Policy

This refund and cancellation policy is an extension of our terms of service and sets forth the general terms and conditions of cancellations and refunds made available by Angel & Walt Hosting and of the angelwalthosting.com website (collectively, the “Services”). By using the Services, you agree to be bound by this policy. If you do not agree to abide by these policies and terms of service, you are not authorized to use or access the Services.

1.  Refunds

A.     Money-back Guarantee. 

If an account with a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee is purchased and then cancelled within the first thirty (30) days of the beginning of the term (the “Money-Back Guarantee Period”), you will, upon your written request to the Angel & Walt Hosting Support Team (the “Refund Request”) within sixty (60) days of such termination or cancellation (“Notice Period”), receive a full refund of all shared hosting fees previously paid by you to Angel & Walt Hosting for the initial term (“Money-Back Guarantee Refund”); provided that such Money-Back Guarantee Refund shall be due to you only upon your compliance with, and subject in all respects to the terms and conditions of this section. Requests for these refunds must be made in writing to the Angel & Walt Hosting Support Team. Refunds will only be issued for hosting services and will not include administrative fees, domain fees, install fees for custom software or other setup fees, nor will they include any fees for any other additional services. Money Back Guarantee Refunds will not accrue, and shall not be paid under any circumstances, if you do not provide the applicable Refund Request within the Notice Period.

B.     Refund Eligibility. 

Only first-time accounts are eligible for a refund. For example, if you’ve had an account with us before, canceled and signed up again, or if you have opened a second account with us, you will not be eligible for a refund. Violations of this Agreement will waive your rights under the refund policy.

C.     Non-refundable Products and Services. 

There are no refunds on domain registrations, administrative fees, and install fees for custom software. Any refunds issued for domain names will be reduced by the market value of the gTLD. Purchases of ccTLDs are non-refundable.

2.  Cancellations

A.    Cancellation Process. 

You may terminate or cancel the Services by giving Angel & Walt Hosting written notice via the cancellation link provided under services in your client area account. In such event:

(i) you shall be obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued prior to the effectiveness of such cancellation and

(ii) Angel & Walt Hosting may, in our sole discretion, refund all pre-paid fees for basic hosting services for the full months remaining after the effectiveness of such cancellation (i.e. no partial month fees shall be refunded) less any setup fees, applicable taxes and any discount applied for prepayment, provided that you are not in breach of this Agreement.

Once we receive your cancellation request and have confirmed all necessary information with you via email, we will inform you in writing (typically email) that your account has been cancelled. Angel & Walt Hosting will confirm your request and process your cancellation shortly thereafter. If you do not hear back from us, or do not receive the automatic confirmation email within a few minutes after submitting your cancellation form, please contact us immediately via phone or live chat. We require all cancellations to be done through our Billing & Support area in order to (a) confirm your identity, (b) confirm in writing that you are prepared for all of your files and emails to be removed, and (c) document the request. This process aims to reduce the likelihood of mistakes, fraudulent/malicious requests, and to ensure that you are aware that your files, emails, and account may be removed immediately and permanently after a cancellation request is processed. Unless you explicitly choose otherwise, cancellations will be effective on the account’s renewal date.

B.     Domains. 

Domain renewals are billed and renewed sixty (60) days before the renewal date. It is your responsibility to notify Angel & Walt Hosting’s billing department via a support ticket created from www.angelwalthosting.com/support to cancel any domain registration at least sixty (60) days prior to the renewal date. No refunds will be given once a domain is renewed. All domain registrations and renewals are final.

C.     Foreign Currencies. 

Exchange rate fluctuations for international payments are constant and unavoidable. All refunds are processed in U.S. dollars and will reflect the exchange rate in effect on the date of the refund. All refunds are subject to this fluctuation and Angel & Walt Hosting is not responsible for any change in exchange rates between the time of payment and the time of refund.

D.    Termination 

Angel & Walt Hosting may terminate your access to the Services, in whole or in part, without notice in the event that: (i) you fail to pay any fees due; (ii) you violate this Agreement; (iii) your conduct may harm Angel & Walt Hosting or others or cause Angel & Walt Hosting or others to incur liability, as determined by Angel & Walt Hosting in our sole discretion; or (iv) as otherwise specified in this Agreement. In such event, Angel & Walt Hosting shall not refund to you any fees paid in advance of such termination, and you shall be obligated to pay all fees and charges accrued prior to the effectiveness of such termination. Additionally, Angel & Walt Hosting may charge you for all fees due for the Services for the remaining portion of the then current term.


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