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Social Media Advertising

Increase brand visibility and engagement through social media branding
Traffic is the key to any successful website. And everyday more and more people become active on social media. You can reach out to these people through branded social media pages and advertising on social media.
Social media benefitsSocial media branding

We Leverage Social Media to Engage Your Audience and Increase Sales

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Social media campaigns can improve your visibility on search engines like Google while enhancing your brand, selling your products, driving traffic to your website, and helping you serve both new and current customers.

Develop your company’s brand awareness, visibility and authority through social media strategies built on your unique industry objectives and long-term goals. Through our social strategy analysis, we identify deficiencies to address along with strategies for competing within your specific niche market. From there, we’re able to target, compel, and drive action through persona-driven engagement with your ideal audience.

Social Media Benefits


engage customers on social mediaEngage Customers in Meaningful Conversations

Businesses can’t afford to be arrogant. In the age of social media, businesses must be open to discussions with their customers. It is important to find out what they like, what they hate, and what fresh ideas they may have.

offer customer service on social mediaProvide Instantaneous Customer Service

Social media allows companies to instantaneously deal with customer service issues. This can be done directly, by offering clear channels of communication for customers to register complaints, concerns, and suggestions. It can also be done proactively, by monitoring what people are saying about your brand online.

offer discounts on social mediaProvide Exclusive Offers & Discounts to Your Audience

People are always looking for the best deals online. Social media gives businesses an opportunity to provide exclusive promotions to their most loyal customers. Not only do you reach a captivated audience with each offering, you can also measure the success of the campaign by having social media tracking analytics in place.

Our Social Media Process

Our social media marketing process ensures that your business gets a social media advertising campaign specifically tailored to your business’ goals.


Stage 1: Establish Goals

We audit Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure that your social strategy is pushing your business toward increased sales, improved public perception, and enhanced brand awareness—and to determine if social media is the right fit for your business.


Stage 2: Identify & Connect

We will work with you to establish the online voice, tone, and message that best supports your brand’s identity. By targeting your buyers’ unique personas at different stages of the buying cycle, we’ll be able to identify the most appropriate social media channels and engagement levels to get their attention.

Stage 3: Engage

When it comes to social media, targeted engagement using persona-driven strategies will yield the best use of time and money. Using a variety of online tools and company specific research, we’ll create a detailed social calendar to ensure a consistent and focused approach throughout your entire campaign.

Stage 4: Integrate

A solid social media campaign operates alongside other marketing initiatives. We create comprehensive plans that integrate your social campaigns to support all other online and offline marketing goals within your company.

Stage 5: Measure

We continually monitor the effects of your social campaign and keep you updated on the expansion of your network, whom is talking about your brand, which social channels are bringing you the most conversions, and so much more. This data helps refine our social strategy and creates a system that is constantly improving based on actionable analytical data.

Social Media Branding

Increase your business’s visibility through social media engagement. There is no point in having a great website if no one sees it. One of the best and least expensive ways to obtain new business is by interacting with your own brand fans through social media. Angel & Walt Hosting can help you integrate your website to the most popular social media!

social media brandingTraffic from social networks constitutes a very significant portion of your website visitors. This is because most of your potential customers are social. Go social and experience the difference. The full offering of what you will get includes:

  • Creation of company pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • A unique customized address on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Branding of the social network pages.
  • Inclusion of your business on Google Maps.

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