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Web designers and developers in Harare, Zimbabwe

We build business websites, corporate websites, e-commerce platforms and niche websites.
We are a Harare based digital marketing & design agency. We help businesses grow online by leveraging digital strategy, website design skills and online marketing. Through our web designers, developers and digital marketers, we create functional online tools that bring a return on investment.
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Our Core Purpose & Mission

Angel & Walt Hosting is a web design and hosting company. We help brands and businesses grow and succeed online by designing and developing websites that solve business problems that are faced by our clients. We employ in-house experts and professionals in digital strategy, website design, web development and digital marketing.

Our vision? Helping businesses succeed.

Our mission? – To leverage cutting edge technology and skills to solve business problems.

Our Core Values
The world’s best organizations are defined by their culture. And how we do things is as important as what we do. Our values define how we do things. They are not rules, but together with our brand, they outline what is important to us in how we work. We value:


  • Exceptional Customer Service: Our clients are business partners. They are the reason why we are here. We will seek to be helpful and kind in every way possible. We will extend this help by offering an exceptional customer service.
  • Making a Difference: We will continually seek to make a difference in the businesses that we serve. We will offer products and services that make an impact and add value to our clients, helping them to grow and succeed.
  • Pursuit of Excellence: We will pursue a culture of excellence, innovation and creativity. We will look for better ways of doing things and continually seek to expand the boundaries of possibility. We will seek to be number 1 in every market we serve.
  • Being Reliable: We will continually seek beneficial partnerships with our clients. As business partners we want to be the kind of partner that you can trust and rely on to do what we say we will do, when we say we’ll do it.
  • Passion & Dedication: We are a dedicated people who are passionate about the work that we do. We are committed to our purpose, our values and our work. We will continually work hard to make our client’s businesses’ grow and ultimately to succeed.

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